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Our business operates 17 hours a day, 5 days a week from 9 AM to 2 AM CST. Our day shift and night shift teams are dedicated to your success.

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We NEVER, EVER offer you services for the sake of making a sale. We only provide you advice and solutions your business needs to thrive.

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Mobile usage and sales will continue to explode. Your company’s ability to capture their attention and sales will determine your victory or demise.

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Rank Above Others, LLC is quickly growing to become one of the largest competitors Texas marketing firms have ever seen. We are catching up and surpassing companies that have been around as early as 1995. And we’re just getting started! With a combination of various experiences and expertise, our growing company provides valuable services such as search engine optimization, web and graphic design, video production/marketing, PPC consultation, website monitoring and managing, professional copywriting and search engine marketing that will blow your competition away. Our online marketing services can get your company caught up to the modern world and apply our skills and experiences in search engine marketing, social media marketing, article marketing, social bookmarking, blog marketing, forum marketing, video marketing, RSS, pinging, press releases, building backlinks and more.

Putting Money Where Our Mouth Is

We are literally putting our money where our mouth is by ranking on the first page of search engines for highly difficult keywords in our own industry. Quite frankly, if we can’t rank ourselves, we probably can’t rank you, right? But we are. If you simply want to rank high for any keyword, find another marketing firm. If you want to rank for keywords that matter, keywords that will generate targeted and hungry prospects for your product/service, then request a free analysis from us. You will be thoroughly impressed with the amount of information we give you for free. Whether you want to take your company to the next level or you simply want to make more money, contact Rank Above Others today to get started right away.

Don’t Hold Back Your Marketing Potential

If you’re tired of talking to marketing firms that seem to not know what they’re talking about or too far behind in the MODERN DAY marketing strategies and tactics, then request a free analysis today for people “in the know” to get you the results you want, need and deserve. We will give you an honest review of your current status in the search engines, how saturated your competing market is and how we will be able to help you break through the obstacles. You will be able to rank high in the search engines for keywords that matter and keywords that will generate more revenue for your business.

Before I tell you about what I think about Kevin, it’s important that you know I’ve worked with some of the highest paid marketing consultants, ‘gurus’ and advisers. It’s pretty hard to get me excited about online marketing processes, especially since this is my day to day living. So when I spoke to Kevin the first time, I thought I was in for the same song and dance.

However, from the first few minutes of our conversation, I knew this was going to be a valuable use of my time. Even before we agreed to work together, he spent two hours sharing concepts, ideas and specific tactics for our product launch that became the backbone of our launch.

Once we began working together, Kevin and his team went WAY above and beyond what they agreed to, from providing thoughtful marketing direction to knocking out critical technical pieces of our launch. Kevin was patient and explained every step of the way, training my staff on the right procedures for the tools he was implementing.

The biggest impact Kevin had was on the launch itself. At the last minute, Kevin provided an idea that led to $21,380 in sales that would have never happened had we not used this concept.

In a world of slick marketers that promise the world and never deliver, Kevin is a refreshing change and an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve already begun working with him on another product launch now, and look forward to partnering with him on more initiatives. Work with Kevin. You won’t be disappointed!”

Jeremiah Desmarais
VP, Marketing – Norvax, Inc.
TED Speaker | Keynote Speaker | Forbes Coaches Council


Veteran Owned

Owned and operated by US Navy Veteran, Kevin Lam, a Vietnamese refugee who came to America in 1987 when he was only 4 years old.


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We work with business owners and corporations from all walks of life. We help them analyze, re-brand, re-optimize and re-market.


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Your typical digital agency focus only on the surface of your online presence, but we take you a few steps further to ensure your digital success.